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Jan 28, 2008

Farming should return to its roots

28 January 2008, BBC News, Viewpoint, Harvey Graham -- "The meat industry needs to return to its roots of pasture-fed cattle, says Graham Harvey. In this week's Green Room, he argues that traditional farming methods can deliver more sustainable and healthier food as people become more aware of what ends up on their plates.

The best beef I ever tasted came from a small farm just three miles from where I live in Somerset, England. I'd heard from a foodie friend that the farmer sometimes took a beast back to sell in freezer packs direct from the farm. When I called to collect my meat I was struck by how old-fashioned the farm looked. For a start, the pastures were full of clovers and wild flowers, a rare sight in an age of chemically-fertilised monocultures of most beef farms.

The pastures were grazed; not by one of the big, continental breeds so popular with modern farmers, but by traditional Red Ruby Devon cattle, once the universal breed on Exmoor....

Photo: Rare breeds are often overlooked by the mainstream meat industry.  Credit: PA

Photo and article curated by Margaret Carroll Boardman Ph.d. via Graham, Harvey.  "Farming Should Return to Its Roots," BBC News, Viewpoint, 28 Jan. 2008.

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