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Jul 20, 2008

Uruguay Announces New GM Crop Policy

Ernesto Agazzi  former
Senator and Minister of Livestock
from Uruguay

Photo: Wikipedia en  Español 

On 20 July 2008 Uruguay's Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Ernesto Agazzi, announced that after an 18 month ban on gene-modified (GM) crops, the country's new policy had changed to limited regulatory approval on a basis of "regulated coexistence."  Under the new policy regulatory approval would be made by a cabinet composed of representatives from the Ministries of Livestock, Health, Economy, Environment, Industry and Foreign Affairs.

Minister Agazzi also announced that preparations would begin on drafting a new national law "committed to  biotechnology."  This would included regulations on GM crops, microorganisms, vaccines and biotechnological processes.

The only GM crops currently approved under this new "regulated co-existence" policy are HT soybeans and BT MON 810 corn.

For more see: Hirschfeld, Daniela.  "Uruguay presentó nueva política para transgénicos," SciDev.Net, 20 July 2008.

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