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Sep 18, 2009

Brazil Proposes Sugarcane Zoning Laws

UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association announced support on 18 September 2009 for Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's legislation to set agro-ecological zones for sugarcane production.

According to UNICA, Brazilian President Lula's Agro-ecological Zoning of Sugarcane legislation will "ensure the disciplined and organized expansion of sugarcane harvesting and its products."

The proposed legislation must pass the Brazilian Congress.  UNICA notes that would like greater definition and examination of the concept of food security as sugarcane is used for both food and energy.

UNICA notes that Brazil is a major global producer of sugarcane.  This accomplishment is achieved "with sugarcane occupying only 2.4% of Brazil’s arable land [and] with less than half of the cane crop dedicated to ethanol production. In other words, with about 1% of its arable land, Brazil has met more than 50% of the country’s gasoline needs, a highly efficient use of resources and a clear demonstration of the great potential for the sustainable production of sugarcane biofuels."

UNICA welcomes "the prohibition to deforest areas such as the Amazon and the Pantanal biomes. UNICA has always maintained that there is no need to clear forests in order for sugarcane to expand, given the availability of suitable lands for sugarcane harvesting, particularly degradated pastures."

A map of the proposed Agro-Ecological Zoning legislation is featured to the right.

For more see: "Sugarcane Agro-Ecological Zoning a welcome step to promote sustainability, but amendments will be needed according to Brazilian Sugarcane Industry." UNICA, Brazil, 18 Sept. 2009.

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