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Oct 19, 2009

Bill Gates: The Next Green Revolution

EurActiv.com reports as the world prepares for the FAO World Summit on Food Security in late October 2009, American billionaire Bill Gates is urging support for a new Green Revolution in Africa.  Gates is urging stakeholders to overcome "ideological" divisions and find technological solutions to increase agricultural productivity in Africa.

Gates spoke at the annual World Food Prize forum.  He noted that "[t]he global effort to help small farmers is endangered by an ideological wedge that threatens to split the movement in two. ...Some people insist on an ideal vision of the environment. .. They have tried to restrict the spread of biotechnology into sub-Saharan Africa without regard to how much hunger and poverty might be reduced by it."

The article provides details on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding for A Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA).  As well as the foundation's work with research partners on drought-tolerant maize.
Photo credit: Bill Gates at the World Food Prize forum in Des Moines, Iowa by Ann Schnoebelen, Drake University.
For a video of Bill Gates' speech see click here and for a text of the speech click here.
For more see: "Bill Gates Sets Eyes on 'Next Green Revolution.'" EurActiv.com, 19 Oct. 2009.

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