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Oct 20, 2009

Greenpeace Protests GM Corn in Mexico, Drape Angel of Independence Statue in Anti-GM Corn Banners

Angel of Independence Statue
Mexico City has covered
in anti-GM banners by Greenpeace
On 20 October 2009, CNN published reported that:

* In early October 2009, the government of Mexico approved two applications to grow gene modified (GM) corn.

 * Greenpeace, other environmentalists staged protests to demonstrate their views that GM corn threatens to contaminate native corn species.

 * The government of Mexico states that all GM corn will be grown away from native landraces and will be kept strictly isolated.

As part of its protests, Greenpeace draped the column of the Angel of Independence with a banner that read: "Maíz transgénico: fin de la independencia [Transgenic maize: end of independence]

For more see: Brice, Arthur.  "Greenpeace protests genetically modified corn in Mexico," CNN, 20 Oct. 2009.

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