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Nov 11, 2009

Brazil To Aid Angola With Biofuel Production

Miguel Jorge, Brazil's Trade & Development Minister 
Photo:  Engineering News (South Africa) 
Reuters India reports that Brazil is interested in developing petroleum reserves and biofuels in Angola. 

According to Brazilian Trade and Development Minister Miguel Jorge, Brazilian state-owned petroleum company PETROBRAS is interested in assisting Angola with deepwater oil exploration (Angolan oilfield map depicted to the left) .  The pre-salt underock formation in Angola is the same as the Brazilian offshore Tupi oil field discovered in 2007.   To date, the Tupi field has yielded 8 billion barrels of crude.

Developing the Tupi field has given PETROBRAS pre-salt, deep and ultra deep water drilling experience.  Norwegian oil and gas company StatoilHydro as well as Danish based Maersk Oil are also interested in helping Angola develop it oilfields.  Experts estimate that these may be as productive and large as Nigeria's oilfields.

Minister Jorge also noted that Brazil is a major biofuels producer interested in assisting Angola with producing sugar and ethanol for energy.  He said that this is "an idea and dream of President Lula".  Brazil would like to help bolstering Angola's once-prosperous farming sectors.by making agriculture "an irreversible process in Africa and we think that biofuels is an important step in that direction."

For more see: Henrique Almeida, "Brazil's Petrobras eyes Angola's deep water oil," Reuters India, 11 November 2009.

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