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Dec 16, 2009

Syngenta Acquires Rights to SugarBooster - GM Technology to Increase Sugar Content in Sugarcane

Syngenta announced on 16 December 2009 in São Paulo, Brazil that it has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the Australian corporation CSR Sugar for the global rights to its SugarBooster™ technology. This is gene-engineered technology that introduces an enzyme to increase the sugar content in sugarcane.

According to Marco Bochi, head of New Technologies for Syngenta Latin America, “The combination of SugarBooster™ with our own sugar cane biotechnology will help accelerate our effort to maximize the yield of sugar per hectare of sugar cane. The development of sugar boosting technology will bring our customers productivity gains and economic benefits in meeting the increased demand for sugar and ethanol.”

For more see: “Syngenta to develop high-sugar-content technology in cane,” Syngenta Media Release, São Paulo, Brazil, 16 December 2009.

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