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Jan 14, 2010

Greenpeace Protests BT Brinjal (GM Eggplant) in Kolkata, India

Greenpeace activist protests
the approval of BT Brijal
(GM eggplant) in India.
AP, Aijaz Rahi
Greenpeace reports in a January 2010 blog that it has energized activists to protest at a public consultation organized by Minister Jairam Ramesh in Kolkata to hear opinions on the release of BT brinjal. 

Greenpeace has asked its protesters to register.  Those who did not, were required to protest outside of the meeting.  "The venue was swarming with people of all kinds, farmers, urban consumers,students, intellectuals, media etc."  The outside protesters were "stopped outside the heavily fortified venue by the security forces but they could do nothing to curb our growing voices. ... The voices of the farmers and other bodies assembled outside were strong enough to make the minister come out and address them. He repeated his speech on how no decision had been taken and everything would happen after the consultations. He even asked people to mail queries to his personal email id." 

Greenpeace reports that Minister Ramesh told the protesters, “I will ensure action.”  The public consultation concluded with the media estimating that 3 out of 4 speakers opposed the approval of Bt brinjal.

For more see:

"Bt Brinjal: Socio-economic impact study not done," The Hindu, 12 February 2010.

"Brickbats and Brinjal Bouquests." Greenpeace, News and Blogs, 14 Jan. 2010.

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