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Feb 8, 2010

Sygenta Augments Brazilian Sugarcane Research

Syngenta announced that it has signed an long-term collaboration agreement with the Brazilian state government of Sao Paolo to increase its sugarcane research and development activities. 

The agreement is with the Agronomy Institute of Campinas (IAC) of the São Paulo Agribusiness Technology Agency, a research entity of the Department of Agriculture and Supplies of the state of São Paulo, Brazil.  Its purpose is to facilitate joint surveys and share common infrastructure and technical knowledge about sugarcane. 

According to Marco Bochi, director of New Sugar cane Technologies for Syngenta Latin America, the company has 40 different ongoing sugarcane projects.  These are focused on increasing yields, weed and insect control, and increasing sugar content.  The agreement with IAC provides Syngenta with access to a new set of genotypes from the IAC's Sugar Cane Program.  These will particularly benefit the development of  PleneTM, a gene-engineered (GE) variety of sugarcane unveiled in 2008 that promises to reduce soil compacting and increase yields.  Other GE varieties in the laboratory that will benefit from the collaboraton are SugarBooster™ and Chromatin gene stacking.

The Brazilian sugarcane market accounts for approximately 40% of global production.  Syngenta is committed to new sugarcane innovations.

For more see: "Collaboration between Syngenta and IAC accelerates sugar cane Research and Development activities," Syngenta Media Release, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 8 February 2010.

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