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Mar 18, 2010

Australia - CSIRO Collaborates with Bayer CropScience

Agricultural multi-national Bayer CropScience announced from its headquarters in Mondeim am Rhein, Germany that it has signed a two year agreement with CSIRO, Australia's national science agency. The purpose of the agreement is to collaborate on developing a new generation of cereal crops to meet environmental and food security challenges.

This agreement builds on a long-standing research alliance that has been in place since 1998. The difference is that this new agreement will switch from a historical interest in developing crop varieties with greater yield to a new emphasis that includes assessments of the carbon footprint of cereal production.

According to Dr. Joachim Schneider, Head of Business Operations for Bayer CropScience, the company’s goal is to generate “new generation crops can deliver greater yield per hectare while requiring less resources such as water and energy. This project will develop methodology to assess these benefits at a plant, field, country and global level.

From CSIRO’s perspective, Dr. Brian Keating, Director of CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship confirms that this objective fits with his program’s mission to increase agricultural productivity by 50% by 2030 while halving carbon emissions.” He notes, “[n]ew generation crops offer enormous potential to help Australia and the rest of the world deal with the future demand for food. Through reduced input requirements and/or improved efficiency of use of water, energy and nutrients, they also have the potential to reduce pressures on the environment, including reduce the greenhouse emissions contributing to climate change.” said Dr. Brian Keating, Director of CSIRO’s new Sustainable Agriculture Flagship.“ This cooperation with Bayer fits perfectly with the topline objective of the Flagship which is to raise agricultural productivity by fifty percent by 2030, while halving carbon emissions intensity.”

CSIRO was established in 1926. It is the single largest employer of scientists in Australia, with more than 6.500 people conducting and assisting with scientific research at 57 sites in Australia and around the world.

For more see: "Agreement to demonstrate sustainability of new crop production systems: Bayer CropScience and CSIRO expand research cooperation to assess the system-wide environmental impact of new crops." Bayer CropScience, Press Release, Monheim am Rhein, Germany, 18 March 2010.

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