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Mar 18, 2010

Pioneer Hi-Bred Invests $40M to Increase Plant Genetic Lab in Iowa

DuPont, the parent company of Pioneer Hi-Bred has announced that it plant to build a new advanced plant genetics laboratory in central Iowa. The new facility will create 400 new research jobs and will be built at a cost of $40 million in Johnston, Iowa. Its purpose is to help meet “the global challenge to double agricultural productivity by 2050 and will provide a significant boost to the economy in Iowa.”

According to Paul E. Schickler, Pioneer president, “First-class research facilities and people are required to deliver innovative solutions to farmers worldwide, and we have both. …Our planned expansion will take Pioneer’s R&D capabilities to the next level, which is critical to meet the growing demand for agricultural products.”

Governor of Iowa
Chet Culver
Construction on the new facility should be finished by early 2012. Aside from this new project, in the last two years, Pioneer’s expansion has already included a 130,000 square foot expansion to its central Iowa laboratories as well as an additional 500 employees.

Iowa’s Democratic Governor Chet Culver praised the project noting that it “is about three things – jobs, jobs, jobs. … As Governor, I will not rest when it comes to helping Iowa businesses to expand business and create jobs like these in the state.”

Photo Credit: Democratic Governor Chet Culver courtesy of the Office of the Governor, State of Iowa.
For more see: "DuPont to Expand Plant Genetics Research Facilities; $40 Million Investment to Focus on Advanced Plant Genetics to Help Farmers Boost Agricultural Productivity." Pioneer Hi-Bred, Press Release, Des Moines, Iowa, 18 March 2010.

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