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Apr 26, 2010

Australia's Food Production Threatened By Locust Plague

The Wall Street Journal and the Herald Sun in Australia have both provided reports on the scope and extent of the locust plague currently attacking Australia food crops. 

Australian federal and state land protection agencies are in the process of dealing with the locust infestation.  The over population is due to heavy rainfall in New South Wales, northern South Australia, and Southwest Queensland.  Swarm formations are expected this month.  "It's very likely that adult swarms will move south and continue to lay eggs now—Australia's autumn—in agricultural areas."  Spring hatchings will threaten cereal, fodder, and vegetable crops if left uncontrolled.

Australian Plague Locust Commission director Chris Adriaansen "estimated the spread of the plague to be the size of Spain, extending across northwestern Victoria and spilling over the Murray into the Riverina area of southwestern NSW."

Photo Credit: Locusts in flight, Victoria, Australia courtesy of the Herald Sun.

For more see: Brindal, Ray, "Australia Fears Locust Plague; Insects Threaten the 2011 Rice Harvest; 'They Take Anything Green With Them," Wall Street Journal, 26 April 2010.

Magee, Antonia.  "Farmer fears as plague of locusts sweeping across Victoria; A Locust plague sweeping Victoria is the worst in nearly 40 years, experts say," Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia, 22 April 2010.

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