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Apr 8, 2010

Kenya Rejects GM Corn From South Africa

Reuters Africa reports from Johannesburg, South Africa that 40,000 tons of South African gene-modified (GM) corn has been sitting in the harbor in Mombasa, Kenya due to protests.

Kenya is suffering from a severe drought this year that has left a third of its population in need of food.  The "bulk of exports from South Africa, Africa's biggest producer of maize, have gone to Kenya this year." 

Protests against the GM South African corn are led by the Kenyan Biodiversity Coalition.  They point out that Kenya has not authorized the importation of GM corn. 

Photo Credit: Map of the transportation routes from the Kenyan port of Mombasa courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor, 24 Jan. 2008.
For more see: "Kenya rejects S.Africa's GM maize exports: report," Reuters Africa, 8 April 2010.

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