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Apr 6, 2010

Syngenta & CIMMYT: Advancing Wheat Technology Through Public-Private Partnership

Sygenta announced on 6 April 2010 from Basel, Switzerland that it had entered into a joint research and development partnership with CIMMYT, the international wheat and maize research center based in Mexico to develop and advance wheat technology.  The partnership is aimed at reinforcing CIMMYT's commitment to promoting food secruity and advancing Syngenta's crop protection and seed technologies.

The agreement centers on developing heirloom and gene-engineered traits that protect crops and increase yields.  It builds upon the collaborative Ug99 stem rust resistance research that the Syngenta Foundation and CIMMYT began in together in August 2009.

According to John Atkin, Syngenta COO Crop Protection, the agreement "will bring together our complementary assets, capabilities and geographic focus to increase the productivity of wheat in a sustainable way, through cooperation on defined projects. We look forward to linking each other’s comparative strengths and advancing technology faster and more efficiently than we could on our own.”

According to Hans-Joachim Braun, Director of CIMMYT's Global Wheat Program, CIMMYT has signed the agreement because "[g]lobal wheat production is increasing at only 0.9% each year ... This is a very critical issue as global demand is growing at 1.5% or more annually. Combined with the impacts of climate change, we must avoid the risk of another food crisis and ensure farmers across the world are equipped to meet the demands of a rising world population."

Syngenta provides its highly developed genetic marker technology, advanced traits platform and wheat breeding for the developed world.  CIMMYT provides its seedbank, global partnership network, and wheat breeding program targeted to the developing world. 

Sygenta's press release concludes that "[t]his will allow CIMMYT to strengthen its ability to use world wheat genetic resources and cutting-edge technologies to develop robust wheat varieties for disadvantaged farmers in developing countries and public research systems worldwide."

For more see: "Syngenta and CIMMYT establish industry-leading partnership to advance wheat research," Syngenta Media Release, Basel, Switzerland, 6 April 2010.

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