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Apr 22, 2010

Syngenta Joins Sustainability Consortium

On 22 April 2010, as a way to highlight Earth Day, Syngenta announced that it was joining the Sustainability Consortium as a founding member. In doing so, its goal is to underscore "the role of natural resources in food production." It also wants to "support technologies that grow more from less and improve eco-efficiency."

The Sustainability Consortium is administered by the University of Arkansas and Arizona State University.  It is an independent non-profit comprised of "diverse stakeholders working to advance consumer product sustainability through science-based platforms."  It membership comes from the academic, governmental, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and business sectors.  It mission is a global effort to increase sustainability with consideration given to "all phases of a product’s life cycle."

According to Jennifer Shaw, Head of Sustainability at Syngenta's North American headquarters, the company welcomes joining the Sustainability Consoritium.  “Syngenta is focused upon helping to ensure food security for a global population that will reach nine billion people by 2050 ... This is a very significant new opportunity for engagement to support the sustainability of agriculture and bring a balance of economic, environmental and societal benefits to the world at large and the people who grow the crops that feed us. Technologies that enable growing more from less are necessary to produce the food that will be needed to feed our increasing population and make more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources.”

Jon Johnson, co-director of the Sustainability Consortium noted that "Syngenta contributes to the broader mission of the Sustainability Consortium with their science-based approach to productive and efficient farming systems ... We welcome the collaboration and look forward to paving a more sustainable path for future generations."

"Syngenta has been recognized for its sustainability performance in a number of leading indexes, including the Sustainability Yearbook, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and FTSE4Good Index."

For more see: "Syngenta joins Sustainability Consortium as founding member," Syngenta Press Release, Greensboro, North Carolina, 22 April 2010.
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