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Jul 30, 2010

Bayer Loses 6th LibertyLink GM Rice Trial

On 30 July 2010, Arkansas Online reported that Bayer CropScience had lost a sixth lawsuit concerning LibertyLink gene modified (GM) rice. A jury in Desha county awarded $940,000 in damages to six farmers.

All total, Bayer CropScience has now lost a related three federal cases and another three cases in Arkansas. The cases concern the lack of caution exercised by Bayer CropScience while field testing LibertyLink herbicide resistance rice in five U.S. southern states.

In 2006, traces of LibertyLink GE rice were found in U.S. long-grain rice stockpiles awaiting export. This caused the EU to issue a ban on the importantion of US rice. U.S. farmers are suing German based Bayer CropScience for economic losses.

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For the original article see: Sider, Alison. "Six rice farmers win $940,000; Bayer Told to Pay For Crop Losses," Arkansas Online, 30 July 2010.

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