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Jul 16, 2010

Brazil works on Virus Resistant GM Tomatoes

Brazilian researchers at EMBRAPA work on GE virus
resistant tomatoes, photo courtesy of EMBRAPA Hortaliças 
On 16 July 2010 ISAAA's Crop Biotech Update printed an excerpt from EMBARPA Hortaliças, a newletter published by the Brazilian Agriculture Department that reported on Brazilian research efforts to develop virus-resistance tomatoes.

A complex of viruses known as Tospovirus has been found throughout Brazil's tomato producing regions.  There are no known insecticides or fungicides that can be used to stop Tospovirus from attacking and destroying tomato seedlings. 

Brazilian researcher Eric Campos Dianese working with Maria Esther de Noronha Foresca at the University of Brazil has identified a resistant gene, Sw-5 that shows resistance to the complex of virus species associated with Tospovirus. Work is currently being conducted to develop new markers from the Sw-5 gene that may in the near future be gene-engineered into virus-resistance tomato plants.

Leonardo Boiteus, coordinator of tomato breeding program at EMBRAPA Vegetables adds that the discovery of new Sw-5 markers is important because Sw-5 is a dominant gene and "be expressed in heterozygous state .... [therefore] the system can be used for any type of tomato which is important for seed companies that focus on developing new tomato hybrids."

For more see: "Developing Viral Disease Resistance in Tomato," Crop Biotech Update, ISAAA, 16 July 2010.
To review the Brazilian article in Portuguese see here: "Descoberta vai ajudar o desenvolvimento de variedades de tomate resistentes," EMBRAPA Hortaliças, Brazil.

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