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Jul 29, 2010

Inventor of Golden Rice - Excessive Regulation of GM Crops Blocking Humanitarian Efforts to Halt Starvation and Malnutrion

Plant geneticists Ingo Potrykus and
Peter Beyer who invented Golden Rice
in front of test field
photo courtesy of www.goldenrice.org
On 29 July 2010, Ingo Potrykus, the inventor of Golden Rice published an article in Nature concluding that excessive regulations was hurting global humanitarian efforts.  In his word, "unjustified and impractical legal requirements are stopping genetically modified crops from saving millions from starvation and malnutrition, says Ingo Potrykus, inventor of gene-engineered, nutrionally enhanced 'golden rice'."

Potrykus called for a Second Green Revolution.  In his opinion this entails, "the sustainable intensification of global agriculture.  Such a revolution will require a wholesale realignment of priorities in agricultural
research. There is an urgent need for new crop varieties that offer higher yields but use less water, fertilizers or other inputs — created, for example, through long neglected research on modifying roots — and for crops that are more resistant to drought, heat, submersion and pests. Equally crucial is lowertech research into basics such as crop rotation, mixed farming of animals and plants on smallholder farms, soil management and curbing waste. (Between one-quarter and one-third of the food produced worldwide is lost or spoiled.)

For more see: Potrykus, Ingo. "Regulation must be revolutionized," Nature 466, 561 (29 July 2010)

PDF of full article.

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