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Sep 27, 2010

BT Residue from GM Corn Entering Midwestern Streams and Headwaters

In a study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science on 27 September 2010 scientists have found BT contaminants in Midwestern streams. 

The research was conducted by University of Notre Dame ecologist, Jennifer Tank, Emma J. Rosi-Marshall at The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Todd V. Royer of Indiana University, Matthew R. Whiles of Southern Illinois University, David J. Treering of Loyola University Chicago, and Natalie A. Griffiths and Therese C. Frauendorf at the University of  Notre Dame.

BT contamination from gene-engineered corn crops was found in streams throughout the midwestern United States, even six months after harvest. The study examined how BT was concentrated and distributed.  This is an important consideration as these midwestern streams drain into the Mississippi and Missouri river basin where agricultural run-off is responsible for creating a large "dead-zone" in the Gulf of Mexico.

For more see:

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