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Sep 10, 2010

Australia Successfully Tests Salt Tolerant GM Rice

On 10 September 2010, the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG) announced that its scientists had successfully genetically modified rice to become more salt tolerant. Its salt tolerant GM rice trapped “salt in the root of the rice plant, reducing the amount of toxic salt building up in the plant and increasing its tolerance to salinity.”

This salt tolerant GM rice research project builds upon previous research in this field and included collaboration with scientists at universities in Cairo, Copenhagen and Melbourne. Their research was published in the online peer-reviewed science journal PLoS ONE.

Future work in this field will involve salt tolerant GM wheat and GM barley.

For more see:
"Salt-Tolerant Rice Offers Hope for Global Food Supply,"  Media Release, Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics, Adelaide, Australia, 10 September 2010.

Plett D, Safwat G, Gilliham M, Skrumsager Møller I, Roy S, et al. 2010 Improved Salinity Tolerance of Rice Through Cell Type-Specific Expression of AtHKT1;1. PLoS ONE 5(9).

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