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Oct 6, 2011

Panama Canal Expansion Ups Potential Volume US Food Exports - US Corn Belt to Asia

2006 Culebra Pass, mountain by arrow still intact
Photo: Canal Museum, Panama
2009 Culebra Pass, mountain by arrow has been removed
Photo: Canal Museum, Panama
On 6 October 2001, Brownfield Ag News for America reported that the Panama Canal expansion offers the potential to expand US food exports from the U.S. Corn Belt to Asia.  Citing a study by the Soy Transportation Coalition, the expansion allows for a "greater volume of exports coming from a wider area at a lower cost."

The expansion will allow ships that are 150,000 tons to move through the Canal.  Currently, ships that are 80,000 tons barely make it through the Canal.  The larger ships will require U.S. ports in southern Louisiana be maintained to depth of 45 feet.

The expansion plan was prepared by the Panama Canal Authority and presented to Panama's President Martin Torrijos on 24 April 2006.  The citizens of Panama approved of the plan in a national referendum on 22 October 2006 that gave it a 76.8% approval.

For more see: Steever, Tom.  "Canal expansion strengthens one transportation link," Brownfield Ag News for America, 6 October 2011.

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