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Dec 16, 2011

Pakistan Researchers - Agro-Forestry Can Revive Pakistan's Depleted Forests

According to a report published in the African Science Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology in November 2011, agro-forestry is the key to restoring Pakistan's forests.  Agro-forestry combines the planting of both trees and crops.  This offers a way to maintain forests at the same time that uncultivated land is planted to provide for the food needs of a growing population.

The report is based on research comparing the physical and chemical analyses of 400 soil samples in four agro-ecological zones of the Punjab province.  The principal investigator of the project was Syed Muhammad Akmal Rahim, a divisional forest officer at the Punjab forest department in Lahore.

According to FAO and Pakistani government statistics, Pakistan's current forest cover is between 2 and 5 percent.  The government has targets to raise this to 6 percent by 2015.  This will be difficult to accomplish with current negative forest growth statistics.  Land is being deforested to provide for additional crop land.  In response, joint international and regional research and capacity-building programs have been launched in partnership with FAO, the UN Environmental Programme, International Union of Conservation for Nature and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development.  Pakistan is also actively engaged in United Nations Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)

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