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Feb 17, 2012

China - Vice Minister of Agriculture Supports GM Crops

On 17 February 2012, ISAAA's CropBiotech Update reported that China's Vice Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Li Jiayang supported gene modified crops.  Dr. Jiayang is also President of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), which is China's national agricultural research organization currently responsible for agricultural biotechnology (GM) research in the People's Republic of China.

China's Vice Minister of Agriculture
Dr. Li Jiayang and Dr. Clive James (ISAAA)
in Beijing.  Photo: CAAS
Dr. Jiayang shared these views during an interview in Beijing with Dr. Clive James, chair and founder of ISAAA and Dr. Randy Hautea, ISAAA Global Coordinator on 9 February 2012. Others at the meeting included Dr. Wang Ren, Vice President of CAAS, Prof. Lin Min, Director-General of Biotechnology Research Institute of CAAS and Prof. Huang Dafang, Director of China Biotechnology Information Center.

For more see:

"China's Agriculture Vice Minister Sees Need for Biotech," ISAAA CropBiotech Update, 17 February 2012.

"Dr. LI Jia-yang Meets with ISAAA Board Chairman Clive James," CAAS Press Release, 9 February 2012.

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