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Feb 24, 2012

Testbiotech (Munich) - Issues Scientific, Anti-GM Corn Research Study

On 24 February 2012, EurActiv.com reported that Testbiotech, a research firm in Munich, Germany had evidence that Monsanto's GM corn seed, MON 810  could pose a risk to human health.  This statement was made at a time when France's environment and agricultural ministers are petitioning to over rule a French court's decision in November 2011 to overturn the French government's decision to ban MON 810.

Currently the EU position is that individual countries should regulate the cultivation of GM products such as MON 810 within their own territories.  At this time, MON 810 is banned in Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg.

According to Christoph Then, heads of Testbiotech, research on MON 810 was done in conjunction with the University of Caen.  There "is evidence that MON810 produces a toxin that can be harmful to humans through soil, water or animal feed contamination.  [The conclusions] are based on review of high concentrations of toxins. ... We are very cautious about saying we have proof that the consumer risk is high, that it needs more assessments.”

Monsanto maintains that MON 810 is a safe product.  This was statement was in 2009 by the European Food Safety Authority.  A 2004 study by the Parma, Italy-based EU agency reached similar conclusions.

For more see: “Study Questions Safety of GM Corn as France Seeks EU Ban,” EurActiv.com, 24 February 2012. 

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