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Mar 7, 2012

Japan Contributes US$5M to Uganda for WFP Refugee & Nutrition Programs, NUSAF 2

Refugees at a camp in northern Uganda
participating in the IBRD and WFP NUSAF 2 project
photo: Radu Sighet/Reuters
On 7 March 2012, the United Nations World Food Programme announced that the government of Japan had contributed US$5 million for use in 2012 in its Ugandan refugee, nutrition, and NUSAF2 programs.  With this donation, since 2008, Japan has contributed over US$41 million to WFP's work in Uganda.  This makes it one of WFP's leading donors in this country and overall.

Of the US$5 million donation, US$2 million will fund relief food for refugees.  There are approximately 162,000 registered refugees in Uganda.  Of these, an estimated 110,000 can not support themselves and rely on WFP for food and water.

The remaining US$3 million of the $US5 million donation will be used for WFP’s nutrition and asset-creation projects in the Karamoja region. The nutrition programs include mother and child health projects that target the reduction of stunting in childhood.  An estimated 34% of children in Karamoja are affected by stunting, leaving them at risk of physical and mental development.  Another project is the Karamoja Productive Assets Programme, managed through the Second Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF 2), which is funded the World Bank.  The WFP's Karamoja project aims to increase household incomes and access to social services. Funded projects include those that build assets such as livestock dams, staple and vegetable crop farms, orchards and community access roads.  One of the goals of this project is to "help reduce the economic disparity between Northern Uganda and the rest of the country."

According to the Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, Kazuo Minagawa, the government of Japan has donated these funds, “Because of its own new experiences last year with the great earthquake ... Japan is now more keenly aware of the importance of international solidarity and extending assistance to those inflicted by disasters, both natural and human."

For more see:

"Japan Contributes US$5 Million To Uganda Operations, WFP Press Release, 7 March 2012.

For background on NUSAF 2 see: Kavuma, Richard M. "Nusaf: Developing Northern Uganda," The Guardian, 11 January 2011.

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