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Apr 16, 2012

Argentina Develops New Ties With Africa and Asia

Argentine Foreign Minister
Héctor Timerman meets Angolan Foreign Minister  
Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoty
In Luanda, Angola on 5 March 2012
Photo: Foreign Ministry, Government of Argentina
On 16 April 2012 IBSA News reported on how Argentina is fostering new South-South foreign relations  with Africa.  Two countries where this has been particularly successful have been Angola and Mozambique. Recent visits to both countries by Argentine Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman reflected a "change in paradigm, and a new approach to the world."

Argentina's Foreign Ministry has enlisted the Argentine Horizontal Cooperation Fund (FO-AR) to develop new ties in both Angola and Mozambique.  Diego Boriosi, head of FO-AR told IBSA News that the focus since 2005 has been on "trying to forge stronger ties with Africa, where there are countries posting significant economic growth."

In many way this new outreach reflects a pattern established by Argentina's neighbor Brazil.  Brazil has made a concerted effort to reach out to Portuguese-speaking Africa.  Between 2003-2011, former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva made 10 trips to Africa, visiting over 20 countries. Currently, José Graziano da Silva of Brazil continues to deepen these relations as head of the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.  Under his leadership, Brazil has been active in expanding its support for global food security, especially prioritizing aid to fight hunger in Africa.

Argentina is interested in expanding its own South-South relations.  This includes countries in both Africa and Asia.  It is currently working on new projects with China, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia in the fields of agriculture, trade, governance and human rights.

The visit to Angola was a trade mission that included 300 businessmen.  The visit to Mozambique concentrated on providing technical assistance from Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology.

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