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Apr 17, 2012

CARE and Cornell University Form Partnership to Fight World Hunger By Developing Sustainable Food Systems

On 17 April 2012 CARE issued a press release on its new partnership with Cornell University's Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF).  Together they will focus on developing sustainable food systems to improve food security, stimulate economic growth and adapt to climate change.  In this team, Cornell brings cutting-edge research in economic development and sustainability and CARE brings its global humanitarian aid experience.

The Impact Through Innovation Fund will match Cornell researchers with CARE development professionals on specific projects.  Special focus will be given to "research-based solutions" that help food insecure women and families.

One project that the CARE-Cornell will focus on is in Ethiopia.  Here, they will explore indigenous bio-fertilizers made from local waste products to see if these are viable alternatives to costly imported chemical fertilizers.  Another project is in Mozambique were food insecurity increases the health problems for HIV-infected women and their infants.

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