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Apr 23, 2012

CGIAR's CCAFS Launches Climate Smart Agriculture Learning Platform for South Asia

On 23 April 2012 the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) announced the launch of the Climate Smart Agriculture Learning Platform for South Asia.  This is a new e-learning computer platform targeted at studying weather patterns to help improve crop yields and reduce carbon emissions.  Its mission is to promote "climate smart" farming and to improve communications between farmers, scientists, and policymakers.

According CCAFS regional program leader for South Asia, Pramod Aggarwal, this learning platform "will provide the ever-increasing amount of data and scientific analysis available on projected changes in climate, observed and expected impacts on agriculture, and best practices for adaptation."  CGIAR believes that this is crucial since South Asia is a region vulnerable to higher temperatures, rising sea levels and an increase in the intensity of severe weather events.

According to CCAFS' Bruce Campbell, “in 15 years, South Asia will become a major hotspot for both climate change impact and population growth ... This will present major challenges for the farmers working the land, the governments responsible for feeding their people, and the global community that seeks to ensure the health and well-being of vulnerable people. But South Asia is also a region of innovation and opportunity. The Learning Platform can make sure that new developments in meeting this dual challenge can be accessed throughout the region and the world.”

CCAFS is a strategic partnership of the CGIAR and the Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP). Its mission is to "to identify and address the most important interactions, synergies and tradeoffs between climate change, agriculture and food security."

"Researchers, farmers and policy makers to collaborate on “massive” climate adaptation challenge for South Asia, CCAFS Press Release, 23 April 2012.

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