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Apr 4, 2012

Kenya - Heart of New East Africa's Economy Committed to Science, Technology & Innovation

Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki
1st African Forum on Science, Technology and
Innovation, Nairobi, KenyaPhoto: Government of Kenya

On 3 April 2012 Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki officially opened the First African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.  This was attended by 57 African government ministers responsible for work in the fields of science, technology, innovation, finance, planning and education.  The forum showcased new innovations in agriculture, technology and mobile telecommunications from developers across Africa.

President Kibaki opened the forum stating that through the National Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Kenya was committed to sustainable national development and global competitiveness.  This included agricultural research especially in the field of biotechnology.  He noted that agriculture contributes 30% to Kenya's GDP.  

Kenya has also made investments in science and technology related to alternative energy sources in an effort to make the nation an "economic powerhouse" in eastern Africa.  "Vision 2030" is a government blueprint that relies upon Kenya's geothermal resources to launch development that will make Kenya an industrialized, middle-income country by 2030.  Kenya is the first African country to diversify into geothermal power. Alternative energy projects include:
  • The Olkaria Geothermal Projects, located in the Rift Valley and operated by the Kenya Power Generating Company.
  • By the end of 2012, the Geothermal Development Company will start generating power through the Menengai Geothermal Development Project.  According to its CEO, Dr. Silas Simiyu, by 2016  the first phase will generating enough power 500,000 households and 300,000 small businesses.  It will be fully operational by 2030.  
  • The Lake Turkana Wind Power project is another example of "green power."  Construction on this project will begin in June 2012.  
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