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Apr 26, 2012

MCC - Land Reform Success in Mozambique

Land survey for the MCC's
Land Tenure Project in Mozambique
Photo: MCC

On 26 April 2012 the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) published a report on the success of its land reform project in Mozambique.  Started in 2008 and known as the Mozambique Compact’s Land Tenure Project, the program has been operating in eight municipalities of northern Mozambique. It is providing land tenure regularization (LTR) activities, which includes mapping land parcels and assisting with the preparation of land titles that grant the right of use and benefit of land. These are known in Mozambique as DUAT (direito de uso e aproveitamento da terra).

This is the first systematic and large-scale land regularization and titling program in Mozambique. It has been employing municipal and local officials, as well as local citizens to gather data on land occupancy. Technical teams complete land surveys and gathered data on parcel boundaries and occupants.  This information is then entered into geographic information system (GIS) and Microsoft Access databases, which are used to prepare a rights registry and DUAT titles. According to the MCC, "results of data gathering and land surveys are posted in the community for public viewing for at least 30 days, giving the community an opportunity to verify or object to the proposed occupant to whom the DUAT title will be issued.

For more see:

"Local Participation and Country Ownership Help Secure Land Rights in Mozambique," Millennium Challenge Corporation, Success Stories, 26 April 2012.

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