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Apr 21, 2012

Mexico's Climate Change Bill Awaits President Calderon's Signature - Will Create New Ecology & Climate Change Oversight Agency, Voluntary Carbon Emissions Trading Market

Mexico's new Senate Building
opened for business in 2011
it includes the Senate Chamber
and offices for 128 Senators
Photo: Reforma
On 19 April 2012 Mexico's Senate voted unanimously to approve a climate change bill that makes it the first developing country in the world to create long-term objectives to fight climate change.  This includes a framework for a voluntary carbon emissions trading market.

Over the past year, the bill has undergone numerous changes and been debated in both of the Senate and Mexico's lower chamber, the Chamber of Deputies.  Now, it only requires President Felipe Calderon's signature in order to become law.  It is expected that the president will sign the bill into law because on the international level he has supported global action to curb greenhouse gasses and control climate change.

When signed into law, this new legislation will:

  • create a new federal agency that will be entitled the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change. This will include the responsibilities that are currently delegated to various other Mexican government ministries.
  • target a reduction in carbon emissions by 50% by 2050.
  • a 35% of Mexico’s electricity comes from renewable energy sources by 2024.
  • the Energy Minister will have the authority to establish regulations, policies and incentives that foster low-carbon technologies.
  • create of a voluntary, national carbon emissions trading market. Participants in this new market will be allowed to trade carbon emissions permits with partner countries.

President Calderon has signaled that Mexico will participate as a leader in international negotiations on climate change.  Drought conditions are having an impact on Mexican agriculture and President Calderon believes that Mexico must prepare for more severe weather in the future.  He has requested that Mexico's federal agencies prepare for this eventuality.

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