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Apr 25, 2012

Zimbabwe WFP Distributes Fortified Food

Fortified Super Cereal and Food Aid Vouchers Popular in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe WFP food aid being retrieved
Photo: CNTV, AfricaLive (China)
Zimbabwe WFP through its Health and Nutrition Programme is distributing a fortified food supplement called Super Cereal along with family food rations.  It is reaching an estimated 43,000 malnourished patients.  The program began in 2006 and covers 21 districts throughout the Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe WFP's Health and Nutrition Programme distributes the Super Cereal in a a 10 kilo bag as a monthly ration.  Many of those receiving this supplement are pregnant or breast-feeding mothers, malnourished children under 5 years old, TB and HIV/AIDs patients.  Family food aid is distributed as electronic or in-kind vouchers that can be exchanged at local shops for maize, pulses and vegetable oil. 

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