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May 29, 2012

Brazil Food Merger - Cosan and Camil Alimentos

Brazil Food Merger Solidifies Camil Alimentos' as Leader in Rice, Canned Fish, and Sugar 

Food merger deal between
Cosan and Camil Alimentos in Brazil
brings Cosan's sugar brands into
the Camil Alimentos brand line up
In Brazil, Cosan and Camil Alimentos announced a big food merger.  Cosan is Brazil's largest sugar and ethanol producer and Camil Alimentos is the biggest rice producer in Brazil.  According to an article by Mercosur Press, the two companies will merger their food sectors.  Cosan will receive an estimated US$174 million for its sugar production line and it will become a 11.72% owner in Camil.  Cosan's sugar production line accounts for 75% of the Brazilian sugar market and includes the brands Brazil Uniao and Da Barra.

This food merger deal is not Camil Alimentos first.  Another investor, who owns 31.75% is Gavea Investimentos, which is controlled by JPMorgan Chase & Co.  Gavea Investimentos is headed by former Brazilian Central Bank President Arminio Fraga.

Other food merger deals involving Camil Alimentos include the acquisition of the canned fish line Coqueiro  from multinational Pepsico. In Uruguay, Camil purchased 90% of Saman, which controls 50% of the country’s domestic rice market and exports almost 90% of its production.  In Chile, Camil acquired rice producer Tucapel.  With these food merger deals, Camil solidified its position as Latin America's main rice exporter and the owner of 25 rice processing plants (12 in Brazil 12, 9 in Uruguay, and four in Chile).

The food merger deal between Cosan and Camil Alimentos is still pending approval by CADE, the Brazil's anti-trust agency.

For more see:

"Merger in Brazil Creates Market Leader in Sugar, Rice, and Canned Fish," Mercosur Press, 30 May 2012.

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