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May 16, 2012

Maldives Malnutrition Under Attack By UNICEF

UNICEF is working to
reverse Maldives malnutrition issues.

UNICEF is Helping Government Efforts to Address Maldives Malnutrition.

UNICEF is working with the government of the Maldives Islands to address Maldives malnutrition.  Approximately 17 % of Maldivian children are underweight and close to 19% are suffering from stunting or low height-to-age ratio.

UNICEF recommends that all children under the age of six months be exclusively breastfed.  This means no other liquids or solids.  According to a 2007 micro-nutrient survey, UNICEF estimates that up to 81% of Maldivian children do receive other milk, liquids or solids.  This is aggravating the Maldives malnutrition problem including stunting and reduced height-to-age-ratio.  UNICEF estimates that the average duration of exclusive breast feeding is less than two and a half months.  Other issues are the lack of proper nutrition leading to anemia and iron deficiency in an estimated 60% of the child population under age 5.

For more see:

"In the Maldives, UNICEF Supports Efforts By the Government to Fight Malnutrition," UNICEF News, 16 May 2012.

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