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May 15, 2012

Nicaragua WFP Cash-for-Work Improves Family Nutrition

The Nicaragua WFP Cash-for-Work program
is funding women in Matagalpa

Nicaragua WFP Cash-for-Work Empowers Women to Grow Vegetables For Their Families and Extra Income

The Nicaragua WFP Cash-for-Work program is the first of its kind in Nicaragua. Supported by a grant from the European Union (EU), the program is working with the government and the non-profit Foundation for the Development of Matagalpa (FUDEMAT). It has granted 541 women living in rural Nicaragua an estimated US$100 dollars over a six month period. Through FUDEMAT it has provided training on how to grow vegetables. This has included lessons on clearing the land, weeding, growing from seeds and seedlings, and using organic pesticides. Traditionally, these women have provided corn tortillas and beans for their families to eat.  To earn extra cash they worked as seasonal laborers on coffee plantations.

The Nicaragua WFP Cash-For-Work program's goal is to empower women through vegetable gardening to provided more a more nutritional diet for their families. The vegetables provided a variety of vitamins and minerals that were not in the traditional diet of corn and beans. This complements the work of the Productive Food Programme administered by the Nicaraguan government that is providing chickens and cows so that milk and eggs are also more routine in the rural Nicaraguan diet.

For more see:

"Nicaragua: Empowered Women with Well-Fed Families," AlertNet News, 15 May 2012.

To learn about coffee in Matagalpa:

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