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May 9, 2012

Norwegian Seafood Promoted in Poland

Norwegian Seafood Tops Business Promotions During Norway State Visit to Poland

Norwegian seafood received top promotion 
by the King and Queen of Norway 
during a three day state visit to Poland.  
In this photo: Norway's King Harald V (left), 
Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski (center) 
and Queen Sonja of Norway (right) 
toast at an official dinner. Photo: Getty Images.
Norwegian seafood was one of the items promoted by the King and Queen of Norway during an official three day visit to Poland.  The visit was to celebrate the growing cooperation and trade between the two nations.  During the trip, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Størehe signed three new cooperation programs on research, education grants and culture, which now make Poland the largest recipient of this type of aid from Norway.

Norway's King and Queen participated in official cultural activities during the trip.  Poland is the third largest export market for Norwegian seafood in the European Union (EU).  In 2011, Norwegian salmon exports to Poland totaled US$2.9 billion.  Other fish products totaled US$590 million.  Negotiations about fisheries issues were delegated to official government representatives.  This included future cooperation on how to reform the EU's Common Fisheries Policy.  Doing their part to promote Norwegian seafood, the King and Queen of Norway attended a final cooking competition for "Best Young Chef" featuring Norwegian seafood as the main ingredient.  The aspiring chefs were required to cook Norwegian salmon "with a Polish twist."

The official state tour included a business delegation of 115 representatives from around 80 companies.

For more see:

"Growing Norwegian - Polish Cooperation," Norway Ministry of Foreign Affair Press Release, 9 May 2012.

"Norwegian Seafood Discussed in Poland," The Fish Site, 8 May 2012.

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