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May 6, 2012

NZ Salmon Seeking Aquaculture Expansion in New Zealand

NZ Salmon facility in New Zealand
Photo: FIS
NZ King Salmon, New Zealand's largest salmon producer is seeking permits to expand operations in the Nelson Marlborough.

Local Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio is enthusiastic about aquaculture and supporting NZ King Salmon.  He supports the growth of this "new and exciting industry"

NZ Salmon is currently using five surface hectares in the Sounds and wants to expand this to 12 hectares.  According to NZ Salmon's CEO Grant Rosewarne, the company earns an estimated $23 million from every surface hectare.  It is currently exporting approximately 70% of its production and generating some $60 million.

Some local environmental activists oppose the expansion as they are concerned about pollution.  Rosewarne states that this is "complete rubbish  ... the sea is accustomed to deal with salmon faeces and the nitrogen that comes from it is small compared to what comes in naturally from the Cook Strait.  We've been operating there for 25 years with a reasonable production level, and we haven't had any major environmental problems, or even any minor ones."  He noted that NZ Salmon has an excellent environmental record and prides itself of raising fish sustainably.

For more see:

"Mayor backs expanded salmon farms in Sounds," ONE News (New Zealand), 2 May 2012

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