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May 14, 2012

Senegal Food Security Demands Increase

The Sahel Region Famine Has Increased Senegal Food Security Demands Resulting in Changes in the Fishing and Cashew Industries.

Senegal food security has been
severely impacted by the ongoing Sahel region famine.
As the number of hungry increase in Senegal with the spread of the Sahel region famine, the government of Senegal has been forced to address food production and distribution issues that have an impact on Senagal food security.  The targets so far have been the fishing and cashew industries.  The government of Senegal has placed restrictions on foreign vessels fishing in its waters.  In the cashew industry, the government is assessing how to increase income to the cashew growers for their crops and reduce costs relating to "middlemen" traders, transportation and distribution.

For more see:

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