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May 17, 2012

Sustainable Mozambique Ethanol Cooking Fuel Is A First

CleanStar Launches Sustainable Mozambique Ethanol Cooking Fuel and New Line of Cooking Stoves

Sustainable Mozambique ethanol cooking fuel
is best used in a CleanStar cooking stove
as demonstrated by this woman in Maputo.
Photo: AFP
Sustainable Mozambique ethanol cooking fuel is now available for the first time.  Created in partnership with Novozymes, a Danish company, this new biofuel is sold by CleanStar Mozambique.  The CleanStar biofuel plant that produces the new sustainable Mozambique ethanol cooking fuel was inaugurated by Federal Minister of Agriculture, José Pacheco in May 2012.  It is located in Dondo in Mozambique’s Sofala Province. The plant will produced an estimated 2 million litres per year of sustainable Mozambique ethanol cooking oil.  This is made from surplus cassava supplied to the company by local farmers using sustainable agricultural methods.

CleanStar Mozambique markets sustainable Mozambique ethanol cooking fuel and cooking stoves.  The complete marketing package is known as “NDZiLO.”  Its purpose is to offer a cooking solution that is "cleaner, faster and safer than using charcoal."

The company CleanStar Mozambique was formed in 2010 by Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures.  Its mission is to capitalize on Mozambique's "rising urban demand for food and cooking fuel to drive sustainable rural development and environmental restoration."  According to CleanStar Mozambique Chairman Greg Murray, "Today marks an important milestone in the mission to eliminate dirty cooking fuels from Africa’s leading cities. ... Our private-sector led approach in Mozambique provides an encouraging example for other resource-constrained African countries that are struggling to respond to rising food and energy prices, growing cities, and shrinking forests.“

Charcoal used for cooking is a serious environmental issue in Africa.  Approximately 80% of urban families purchase charcoal for cooking and it is an increasingly expensive commodity.  It may cost up to "$10 billion deforestation dollars annually."

Novozymes and CleanStar Ventures were joined in their efforts by Bank of America Merrill Lynch who provided significant upfront carbon financing to CleanStar Mozambique.  This was used to "to unlock additional equity and debt for the scale up of the business."

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