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May 14, 2012

Zimbabwe Malnutrition Assessment

WFP Provides Zimbabwe Malnutrition Assessment and Food Logistics Aid

A Zimbabwe malnutrition assessment has been conducted by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that involves logistical and food distribution aid.  In 2011, the United Nations provided Zimbabwe with 18,000 cartons of Plumpy'nut, a special nutrition product given to severely malnourished patients.  To distribute the product effectively, Zimbabwe's Ministry of Health and Child Welfare asked the WFP to help it do a Zimbabwe malnutrition assessment that involved designing food logistic procedures.  This included how to move the product from an estimated 1,500 health centers around the country and how to restock the product.  

The Zimbabwe malnutrition assessment required an analysis of what health centers need Plumpy'Nut more urgently than others.  This is important because the product must stay fresh and be delivered on time.  WFP could help provide valuable logistical information for this Zimbabwe malnutrition assessment because it is currently assisting with the distribution of food to approximately 1 million people throughout 40 districts in the country.  

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