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Jun 17, 2012

Angola - UNICEF Provides Child Malnutrition Aid

As Child Malnutrition Increases With Drought, UNICEF Sets Up Therapeutic Feeding Centers

In Angola, UNICEF has set up child malnutrition therapeutic feeding centers in Huambo, Bié and Kwanza Sul.  This is in reaction to an increasing drought that has hit the coastal and central highland provinces of Angola.  The Angolan Ministry of Agriculture is reporting high-levels of water scarcity and approximately 400,000 families that are with few food resources.

UNICEF and WHO are recommending to mothers with infants that seek food aid that they adopt exclusive breastfeeding.  Breast milk provides better nutrition than any ready made cereal.  To address immediate malnutrition needs, infants, children, and mothers are being given fortified milk and cereals such as Plumpy'nut as part of food aid and therapeutic therapy.  UNICEF, WHO and the government of Angola have organized workshops providing basic education on the importance of nutrition, especially for children from birth to five years old.  

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Photo caption and credit: Justina Cambovio, 25, feeds her daughter Liliane Juelma with therapeutic milk at the therapeutic feeding center in Huambo, Angola.  © UNICEF Angola/2012/Nunes Correia

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