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Jun 5, 2012

India - HarvestPlus Teams With Private Company to Deliver Iron Enhanced Pearl Millet Seeds

In India, HarvestPlus Implements Massive Iron Fortified Pearl Millet Seed Distribution

Farmer in India in his field of pearl millet
HarvestPlus has teamed with Nirmal Seeds in India to implement a massive seed dissemination program for its new iron fortified pearl millet variety.  The goal is to deliver 600 tons of seeds to 150,000 farmers this summer.  Nirmal Seeds began selling HarvestPlus' millet seeds in May 2012 throughout Maharashtra state.  Nirmal Seeds has been in the seed distribution business for 25 years, successfully distributes other varieties of millet and has 1,330 distributors in 19 states in India.

HarvestPlus's new iron fortified pearl millet variety was created using traditional hybridization methods.  In addition to higher levels of iron, it is a variety that increases yields.  Officially known as ICTP 8203-Fe, its "nickname" is iron fortified "pearl millet" because of its slate gray-colored grains.

For more see:

"Propelling Pearl Millet with the Private Sector," HarvestPlus Press Release, 5 June 2012.

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