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Jun 1, 2012

Japan - Nuclear Crisis Raises Food Safety Awareness

Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Leads Government and Citizens to Increase Their Knowledge of Food Safety Awareness.

Since the nuclear disaster, Japanese citizens and 
food importers around the world have been testing 
Japanese food products for radioactivity.
In this photo, a cook in Hong Kong tests
Japanese seafood. Photo: Bob Yip/Reuters
Japanese residents have become increasing knowledgeable about food safety awareness issues since the Fukushima nuclear crisis.  According to The Japan Times, in research poll on Japanese dietary education conducted for the Japanese government's Cabinet Office, 66% of those polled felt fairly well-informed on the subject of food safety awareness.

When questioned on why the increase in food safety awareness, one Cabinet Office official speculated that it was due to all the media reports on this topic during and after the Fukushima nuclear crisis. The poll also revealed that Japanese citizens want more public education on : 
  • radioactivity levels in food
  • instructions on cooking healthy meals
  • how to prevent food poisoning
  • how to ways to preserve food
With this knowledge acquired from the research poll, the Japanese government will increase its support and funding for food safety awareness.  It will also prepare a new anti-disaster white paper.  This will address the confusion created during the nuclear crisis when Prime Minister's office and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency were separately distributing their own sources of information.

In a related article on food safety awareness, CNN reports that increased awareness has led the people of Japan to take testing into their own hands.  They are no longer relying on the government to tell them what is safe, rather many are independently testing their food sources in the hundreds of small, independent supermarkets that have been created since the nuclear disaster.

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