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Jun 5, 2012

Russian NGO Sends WFP Donation to Support Somali Refugees in Ethiopia

First Donation From Charity in Russia to the World Food Programme.

The Chechen Ahmat Kadyrov Charity Foundation has made a contribution to the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) of US$204,000.  This is being used to provide food aid to Somali refugees in southern Ethiopia.  It is the first donation the WFP has ever received from the Russian Federation.  

WFP Donation from the Chechen Ahmat Kadyrov Charity
Foundation pays for food aid to Dolo Ado refugee camp in Ethiopia.
Photo: Björn Svärd, MSB, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
The WFP will used the donation to provide food aid to 150,000 Somali refugees based in the Dolo Ado camps in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. The food will consist of 100 metric tons of fortified blended food and 235 metric tons of cereals.  Many Somali refugees at Dolo Ado are suffering from malnutrition.  The fortified food will include a nutritional treatment known as Plumpy’Sup.  This is fed to malnourished children under 5 years old.  Super Cereal Plus will be feed to children under the age of two.  Other fortified food will be given to  pregnant women and nursing mothers, regardless of their nutritional status.

For more see:

"First Donation From Chechen Ahmat Kadyrov Charity Foundation of the Russian Federation to Assist Somali Refugees in Ethiopia," World Food Press Release, 5 June 2012.

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