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Jul 28, 2012

Zimbabwe Hydrid Seed Firms Enters Tanzania Market Concerned About "Fake Seeds"

The Director of Seedco Tanzania Limited is concerned about "fake seeds." These are seeds that are marketed and sold to have certain properties when in fact, they do not. This occurs especially when seeds are touted as a special kind of newly developed hybrid, but are in fact something else, usually much more common.

According to Dave Clemons, Director of Seedco Tanzania Limited, farmers are "being cheated and cannot differentiate between the genuine ones and fake products." His company entered the Tanzania market in 2010 with five new varieties of maize and sorghum seeds that are customized to grow in different agro-ecological zones (highlands, middle altitudes, and lowlands).

Seedco is originally from Zimbabwe. It currently has two facilities in Tanzania - at Arusha and Mbeya. It is looking to expand in the Lake Zone regions. The company has invested more than $ 2 million in Tanzania in the last two years and will inject between $ 5m to $ 10m in the next two years in the seed production.

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