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Apr 10, 2013

Big Meat Eaters in Uruguay

According to Uruguay's National Meats Institute (INAC), Uruguay leads in meat consumption in the Southern Cone region.  In 2012, the average was 60 kilos per person per year when meat is defined as beef.  This compares to 57 kilos in Argentina, 37 in Brazil, and 21.7 kilos in Chile.

When meat is defined as beef, chicken, pork and lamb, the statistics show a different picture.  Argentina is the number one meat consumer at 103.6 kilos compared to Uruguay's 90 kilos per person.  Argentines eat a diet much higher in chicken consumption.  

For more see:

Uruguay leads in beef consumption: 60 kilos per capita per year. Mercopress, 11 April 2013.

Photo: grain feed beef from Uruguay, courtesy of Charrua Ranch

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