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Apr 2, 2013

Fighting Malnutrition in Laos with Help From France & WFP

Laotian family receives WFP ration of rice, oil 
and Plumpy’Doz. Photo: WFP/Cornelia Paetz
In 2012, France has contributed €300,000 to the World Food Programme's efforts to provide nutrition in Laos.  A special effort is being made to target this support to provide special nutritious food such as Plumpy'Doz to children between the ages of 6 and 23 months.  The goal is to reduce stunting statistics.

According to the French Ambassador to Laos, Yves Carmona, “The results of the Mother and Child Health and Nutrition programme are encouraging, as there are an increasing number of people who are going to health centers in the districts that I visited. This is a positive sign for long-term development."

For more see:

"France, WFP And Ministry Of Health Work Together To Fight Malnutrition In Lao PDR," WFP Press Release, 2 April 2012.

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