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Apr 1, 2013

Theft of French Champagne

Thieves in the Champagne region of France have stolen 3,700 bottles of fine champagne, worth US$350,000 (300,000 euros). The stolen wine was taken during a night-time raid on the Jacques Selosse winery near Reims.  The thieves removed the bottles that were already stocked onto pallets for shipping.  The Selosse vineyard makes approximately 57,000 bottles of champagne a year.  This theft constitutes close to a 5% raid on the vineyard's annual production.  The Selosse family-run vineyard first started producing champagne in 1949.

Photo: Anselme Selosse of the famed Jacques Selosse Champagne house in his vineyards at Avise, France. Credit: L.A. Times /Rare Wine Co., Sonoma and Anselme Selosse

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